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This question comes from Kathy J. D. who wants to know about tiny houses for cold climates.

So if you’re interested in designing and building a tiny home for somewhere really cold…

This page is going to give you a good idea on how you’d be able to do that with some basic design and build tips.

Question: Do Tiny Houses for Cold Climates Exist?


Is it Even Possible to Live Tiny in Harsh Cold Winters?

From: Kathy J. D. (thanks Kathy!)

“Hi, I enjoy your postings. I want to have a tiny house someday on land in northern Michigan. I’ve noticed that most of the tiny houses featured are in the south or the Pacific northwest, milder climates than we have here. I was wondering if you’ve come across anybody who lives in a tiny house in a harsh winter climate and how they heat their house, especially if they use a small electric space heater, if that’s possible, and how much that costs. I also wonder if tiny houses would be designed differently for long cold winters, like not so many big windows and skylights or a double door entryway so all the cold doesn’t get in every time you open the door, things like that.”

Photo Credit Tiny Tack House

Photo Credit Tiny Tack House

Kathy thank you so much! This is a great question and you are not the only person who has wondered the same thing.

So continue reading because I’m going to show you the pros and cons of living tiny in the cold.

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