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Introducing the Wing House expanding shipping container home! A versatile, mobile and efficient unit that can be transformed within hours into a customizable home. Equipped with pluming and wired for television, telephone and Internet, these turnkey expanding shipping container homes can be ready within 4-5 hours anywhere you choose to put it and are designed to fold into a standard shipping container.

With a number of different floor plans to choose from, Wing House brings you the convenience of having a home built to your liking and save you the hassle, time and money spent on building an actual structure. The units are spacious and able to accommodate full sized furniture, as seen in the pictures below. They also come standard with built-in cabinetry for your kitchen and bathroom, toilet, shower, basin and vanity, choice of color, external lightings and much more! The beauty of a Wing House is that you can take it with you anywhere you go.

Expanding Shipping Container Home


Images © Wing House

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