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Have you ever thought of going without a car?

I have. Especially since I work out of my apartment.

But even if I didn’t… I remember I used to ride 5 miles to work on a bike on some days and it was great exercise.

Think about it. What if you didn’t have to pay for car insurance, monthly payments, oil changes, gasoline, and repair bills?

For most people, that’s a savings of more than $400 a month. That’s at least $4,800 every year.

That sounds like enough savings to be able to rent a car when you really need one.

On top of that, you’d have better health, stronger legs, a healthier heart, and a bigger smile.

All you have to do is prepare yourself. If the ride’s too long, think about electrically assisted power or using public transportation.

If it rains, get an awesome raincoat. If you need to bring stuff home, get a sweet basket and a kick ass waterproof backpack.

This little illustration says it all. Thank you to whoever created it because it’s inspiring me to put my car on eBay and finally just let it go.

The Benefits of a Bicycle and Going Car-Less

If you’re thinking about living your life without a car, or if you just want to learn how you can use your bicycle way more, grab Tammy Strobel’s book on how to go Car-Less with a Bicycle.