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I ran into this video on teardrop camping put together by a couple who really seem to enjoy traveling with their DIY micro camper.

If you’ve ever wanted to own an RV or miss it but don’t miss the cost of doing it you might want to consider teardrop trailers.

They’re small and lightweight, pretty inexpensive to buy and fairly easy to build one yourself.

Ever since I learned about them I thought they’re such a great way to travel and enjoy life without hurting the wallet too bad.

For lots of reasons, too. Not only are they cheap to buy or build, but they’re easy to tow. Some people even tow their teardrops with 4-cylinder vehicles so you don’t even need a truck to have one.

Teardrop Camping

Image: YouTube/Kermit B

I encourage you to enjoy the video that this couple made on their teardrop camping adventures below:

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