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This is the story of Brian and Sky and the small house rehab they have been working on.

You may remember them from their Wandering On Wheels Tiny House. You can see how they’ve taken what they learned with their tiny house project, and turned it into this 1950s small house rehab. Who knows what they’ll do next! Follow them on their Instagram @bluecutt.

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Wandering on Wheels Tiny House Couple Rehab a Small House

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This is one couple’s wonderful “Wandering on Wheels” tiny home.

Outside, you’ll notice two-tone wooden siding that encapsulates this THOW. It’s a fifth-wheel design that allows for a partially lofted sleeping area. Twin french doors lead from the outside in.

When you go inside, you’ll find unlike the dark wood on the exterior, the panels on the walls and ceilings are a beautiful cream color which makes the tiny space look open and inviting. Up above some under-the-bed storage is the “bedroom” which has no wall, but a few steps that lead to a queen-sized bed. A couch sits in the living room which flows into the kitchen. There you’ll find floating shelves that allow for open storage of dishware. The bathroom sits at the very end of the house and includes a very nifty corrugated metal shower with a pebble floor.

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Couple’s Wandering on Wheels Tiny Home

Couple's Wandering on Wheels Tiny Home 001

Images © Wandering on Wheels

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