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Henry David Thoreau’s tiny cabin is something that everybody should learn about at some point, especially if you’re into tiny houses because as you probably know, Henry David Thoreau has always been an inspiring role model for those of us seeking to simplify our lives.

Here you’ll see what his tiny cabin was like in case you ever wondered. In addition, I’d also like to share some of my favorite quotes from Thoreau. Plus, how you can build a Thoreau-like tiny house for around $1,000 thanks to LaMar Alexander. The tiny house was 10′ by 15′ with 8′ high ceilings. Below you’ll get to see how simply Thoreau lived during his time at Walden Pond.

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Henry David Thoreau’s Tiny Cabin in the Woods

Henry David Thoreau's Tiny Cabin in the Woods

Image © mgstanton/flickr

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