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“I had a quiver of cuss words I hadn’t used in awhile, so I got myself a Westy.”

Simon had travelled around Europe surfing with his buddies in a VW van when he was younger, and that nostalgia got him into a Vanagon restoration project for weekend travels and camping getaways. This vintage update of a 40-year-old vehicle brings the Westy back to it’s original glory, with some great upgrades such as a flatscreen TV, GPS, and cupholders.

It wasn’t exactly a cheap endeavor (he spent $7.5k on the van itself, and another $15k renovating it), but it brings him joy and he’s constantly stopped by others on the road with memories of the VW van days. Watch his video tour below!

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His Vintage Van Renovation With Modern Conveniences

Simon’s 1980 Westfalia Vanagon 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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