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Do you love vintage travel trailers? Then you’ll definitely love the Sou’Wester Lodge because they have over 15 vintage travel trailers you can rent by the night, though they have many other attractions as well.

The Lodge also has rooms in its historic main house, a series of small cabins, a self-serve gift shop stocked with local foods, art, crafts and music, a sauna/steam room, and it hosts concerts and art events. All that, and a great location within walking distance of the beach in Seaview, Washington, a few hours from both Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

I’ve visited the Sou’Wester twice now, staying in three different travel trailers, and I wanted to make sure the tiny house community knew about this unique resource. For fans of small spaces, it’s a fantastic way to get design ideas and to see how a trailer feels and functions. The trailers have been lovingly and stylishly restored with special touches like locally made soap, champagne flutes or mason jars in the kitchens, and some even have record players and come stocked with records. Their biggest trailer, the African Queen, has two floors, four separate beds, and a full bathtub!

Each one is amazing in its own way. They are all truly vintage, and each trailer I’ve stayed in had its own set of quirks – but that’s a genuine, vintage trailer for you! It’s a great way to see what works and what doesn’t for your particular needs, especially if you’re considering buying or living in one.

Tiny Vintage Travel Trailer Hotel

Vintage travel trailers at the Sou'Wester Lodge.

Images © Billy Ulmer

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