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Artist Michael Ostaski built this house truck in the 70s — long before the #skoolie or tiny house craze took off. He lived in it for 18 years, but is now ready to sell it to a new owner. While the vehicle drives, it’s not up for cross-country travel any longer.

That said, it would be a great for anyone with some land to use as a home or vacation property. It has a couple of lofts, lots of living space and a great kitchen. Check it out.

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Vintage House Truck – Handbuilt! – For Sale

Michael Ostaski’s The Rose For Sale Bus Home 3

Images via Michael Ostaski

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This house truck used to be an old horsebox which was converted into this wonderful living space.

It resembles a gypsy caravan in some ways while keeping a vintage feel.

It’s currently at Swallowtail Hill Farm and can sleep up to four people.

Yes–you can rent a few nights in it! It’s beautiful inside and out.

Inside you’ll find fresh Samburu blankets and bed linen.

Plus the house-truck has a small kitchen, refrigerator, bathroom with shower, and is surrounded with views of wildflower meadows, a pond, and woods.

house-truck-1 house-truck-2

Photos Courtesy of Canopy & Stars

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