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This 452 sq. ft. tiny victorian cottage was built in 1998 by the homeowners in Hagerhill, KY.

They built it for their grand daughter after finding out about tiny houses on Oprah back in the day.

It has central A/C, TV and phone wiring, a full kitchen, full bathroom, and one bedroom.

Over the years the tiny home has had over 2,500 visitors and it’s been featured on several magazines and television shows.

The owner is also the author of a book called Mayor of Nut Valley – Managing Life’s Nonsense by Rosa Lee Pack. The book features the little cottage on the cover.

As of right now the cottage is for sale but it also includes a really large home on the property. The lot is 1.8 acres and the main house is two stories with 5 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

452 Sq. Ft. Tiny Victorian Cottage (For Sale)

Tiny Victorian Cottage

Images © Rosa Lee Pack (FSBO)

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