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This is a 430 sq. ft. microHOUSE built for a Vermont artist by Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design.

The stunning tiny home has a sloped roof, happy yellow door and bright and open interior. According to Dezeen, “the home contains the sleeping loft, a bathroom with a tub, a kitchen, a table for dining and working, storage cabinets, and a living zone that doubles as guest sleeping quarters.”

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430 sq. ft. Vermont microHOUSE by Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design

Images via Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design

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This 128 sq. ft. Vermont Tiny House is designed and built by the Jamaica Cottage Shop.

Derek ‘DEEK’ Diedricksen of RelaxShacks.com is giving us a video tour of it to enjoy.

It features a simple design with a loft with dormers that cantilevers over the front porch to give you more space inside. Please enjoy and re-share below if you want! Thank you.

128 Sq. Ft. Vermont Tiny House by Jamaica Cottage Shop

128 Sq. Ft. Vermont Tiny House by Jamaica Cottage Shop

Images © RelaxShacks/YouTube

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