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Meet James, who grew up in a small town of about 900 people. He always dreamed of getting to hang out with people and just getting out and exploring. So at age 19, he did just that with his first van conversion. James took his experience of working at his hometown tea shop, and decided he would go around sharing that with the people he would meet along his travel which is exactly what he’s doing with his Air Nomad Cafe.

Since then, he has upgraded to the 2018 Promaster cargo van conversion that you can see right here (below). The inside has been completely retrofitted into a tiny cabin on wheels. And the outside has been repainted to give a retro vibe with the teal and white. It’s pretty cool! What do you think?

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He Embraced Van Life Since Age 19, Today He Has A 2018 Promaster Cargo Van Conversion And Tea Cafe

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This is Dan and Rachel’s van conversion tiny house with a multi-functional design to expand their space and adjust their interior layout to best suit their needs. It’s also known as the Swiss Army Knife Van shown to us here thanks to Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube.

Since they travel frequently and they work from home, this van was the perfect solution for them.

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Couple’s Live/Work Van Conversion w/ Multi-functional Design, Solar Panels, Rooftop Kitchen!

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