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BlackHawk and Madi took this Ford Transit van with two sliding doors and transformed it into one of the loveliest van conversions I’ve seen, complete with a shower and toilet (no gym membership required!).

They’ve enjoyed traveling the country in it, and are on to another adventure, and are now selling the gorgeous conversion (you can make an offer by sending a DM on Instagram here).

The interior has sleek black cabinets, hexagon tiles, a nearly-queen bed, and two swivel chairs for hanging out. There’s a Dometic fridge that slides out from under the bed, as well as super-long drawers for clothing storage. Be sure to check out the video tours below to get all the amazing details on this build-out. Thanks again, Tiny Home Tours!

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They’re Selling Their Awesome Van Conversion!

Ford Transit Van Conversion with Two Sliding Doors, Shower & Toilet! 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Remember our story last week about Virginia’s retirement van-life? Meet Madison and Raynor (@vandmvanlife on Instagram), the masterminds behind her off-grid van renovation. This couple created their own solar-powered van and has created a whole business (Ray Outfitters) helping clients in Canada reach their tiny-living dreams.

After finding out the hard way that a 5th wheel RV can’t stand up to Canadian winters, Raynor — a licensed automotive mechanic — outfitted his own van capable of withstanding -40 Celsius temperatures. They’ve lived in this van for two years and are now in the process of building a permanent workshop where they can assist more clients. Be sure to read our interview with the couple below and watch their full van tour to see where they’ve hidden a composting toilet!

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Off-Grid Sprinter Van Renovation (Interview & Tour)

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Emma and Luke said goodbye to their city lifestyle in Toronto, bought a 1979 Chevy Van and made it into an amazing home on wheels they’ve used to explore Nova Scotia, the East Coast of the USA, Mexico and now the West of Vancouver.

The van (named Brier) had a lot of water damage and rust and had to be stripped bare and rebuilt. It took the couple about 6 months from purchasing the vehicle to moving in full-time. But it was worth it: Emma says they love the freedom that vanlife affords them.

You can read our interview with the couple at the end of the post and see Emma’s awesome video tour of their little home.

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Couple’s Chevy Van Renovation (Tour & Interview)

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Meet Ceri, Will, their puppy Piglet, and their amazing Sprinter Renovation with a ceiling bed.

Originally from Northumberland in the UK, the couple (@tothemountainsnback on Instagram) first bought their Sprinter thinking they’d use it for brief holidays, but fell in love with the tiny/nomadic community during renovations — they ended up moving into their van full-time. Will even changed his business style so he could work remotely and make money while traveling.

They gave such thoughtful and interesting answers to our Q&A you can read at the end of this post, and you just have to see their bed lift! One of the most creative van beds I’ve ever seen. Enjoy the photo tour!

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Couple Living & Working on the Road in their Sprinter Renovation

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