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Brandon, Sarah, and their two adorable dogs are living the #vanlife, travelling the East Coast in their 159 EXT Promaster Camper Van. The 2019 model has been decked out to meet all their needs — including a hidden toilet/bed step!

They ended up choosing a wet bar and larger refrigerator over a shower, somewhat on accident, but they don’t regret the choice. All four of them can sleep comfortably in the regular queen-sized bed, and I’m impressed with how “empty” their cabinets/drawers look for living in such a tiny space! They have really pared down to the necessities.

Tiny Home Tours met up with the couple and got a great video tour of their home, so be sure to check that out! Follow the couple on Instagram here.

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Living in Advance: Two People, Two Pups, #Vanlife

Brandon & Sarah in their 159 EXT Promaster Camper Van 4

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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