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This is Brent Rose’s life living in a “teched-out” van down by the river.

He bought a large van RV and made several modifications to make it better to live in while traveling.

Brent added solar panels, a fingerprint-secured safe, and much more. He’s currently taking a year-long road trip throughout the United States.

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Living in a “Teched-Out” Van Down by the River

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Whether van dwelling and bus conversions are your thing or not I think you’ll still enjoy looking at Ryan Lovelace’s DIY 1948 Chevy bus to tiny home conversion.

He took this old funky bus and made it into a mobile micro home and you can see all of his personal touches inside.

With a tiny kitchen, a sleeping loft/pod and a small wood burning fireplace this is totally ready for full time simple living.

There are so many windows that bring in the natural sunlight and it looks like he even added an indoor gutter to hold various plants inside. Very creative.

Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

DIY Chevy Bus to Tiny Home Conversion


Images: The Cosmic Collider

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