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This the Two Bedroom Wee House Cottage by The Wee House Company.

It’s located on the beautiful Dalduff Farm in South Ayrshire, Scotland and this is the story of how it came to be. Enjoy!

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731-square-foot Cottage on the Dalduff Farm in Scotland

Two Bedroom Wee House in South Ayshire Scotland Images © The Wee House Co.

Images © The Wee House Co.

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This is the Hygge Tiny House. It’s a tiny cabin on a foundation in the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom.

‘Hygge’ is a Danish word that means wellbeing. This little solar powered cabin is available as a vacation rental through Tiny Homes Holidays. Enjoy the virtual tour and learn more about it below. Thanks!

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Skool and the Gang are Quentin, Xana, Alex, and Alix are two globe-trotting couples from the UK and Europe who decided to apply for working holiday visas in Canada so they could build, live, and travel in a school bus for two years.

They bought this school bus for just $5000 CAD and have converted it using mostly free, donated, and reclaimed materials including a lot of pallet wood.

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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If you’re in the United Kingdom and wondering if there are any tiny houses around, you’re in luck.

Tiny Houses UK designs and builds affordable micro homes that are better for the environment.

Mark Burton is the man behind this mission of bringing micro houses to England.

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Mark Burton’s Tiny Houses in the UK

Tour the rest of this particular home below:

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Today I ran into James Ward’s Beach Huts. His tiny structures are individually designed and beautifully detailed.

He offers his services almost anywhere in the UK and beyond. The shacks are made with red Swedish pine frames along with other high quality materials.

The decks are pressure treated to prevent rotting from wetness and every hut is unique. On his website he emphasizes that each shed is made reflecting the tastes of the customer.

That means that almost everything is customizable–including the interior, railings, deck, steps, windows, and colors.

Would you use a structure like this as a backyard office, tiny guest house, shed, or hobby room? I think they’d be perfect for a backyard art studio.


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