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Brad was a business-and-home-owner stuck in the grind, and he wanted a change. After a trip camping in nature in his SUV, he started the downsizing process – selling and tossing his stuff so he could go mobile. This Uhaul conversion is his third rig, and it has everything just the way he wants it!

You’ll find he added a pass-through door, and a really creative sliding chest fridge that turns into more counter-space. He has a cool desk/table that transforms into a standing desk, and even tucked a closet and emergency toilet into the build. Enjoy the video tour below!

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This is His Third Vehicle Home in Four Years

Nomad Brad’s Uhaul Bachelor Pad

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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The winners of Simple Solar Homesteading’s “2020 Off Grid Houses On The Move” Contest are Jay Craig and Kenny Foust!

They each won a 100 watt solar panel for their creative designs. Jay built his THOW on a 17′ Uhaul and added some cool bump outs to maximize the space. Kenny, on the other hand, built his on a 1976 Dodge dualie.

You can check out more awesome tiny house designs and plans sold by LaMar at Simple Solar Homesteading.

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Congrats to Jay & Kenny For Wining 100 Watt Solar Panels!

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