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Nick had a longtime dream of getting one of these Futuro UFO pods he used to see around town with his dad. When he noticed one of them survived the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, he was even more impressed with the design. Finally, he got the chance to have not one, but five of them! He’s turned this one — which used to be a fishing cabin —  into a unique vacation home.

This Futuro home is one of only 50 in the world! It has a giant, long bench that runs across the back wall, a slide-out Queen-sized bed, and three bunk beds. The UFO alone would make for a special vacation, but the property has an extra guest house with a larger kitchen, bathroom, and additional sleeping, as well as a sauna, pool, vintage McDonald’s playground, and more!

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UFO Vacation Pod in New Zealand

His Renovated 1968 Futuro UFO Home

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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