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Do you think creating a tiny home on wheels should be affordable and accomplishable for the average person, and even the average high school student? That’s what the creators of The Collaborative Tiny House Project believe, and they’ve put together a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen.

Jesse Anselm, one of the Collaborative members, was a student at Riverside High School in Chattaroy, Washington who took part in an integrated curriculum that taught students to build a tiny house during the school year, and then sell it at cost to pay for materials for the following year’s class to build a new house.  The course taught Riverside Students teamwork and skills in the trades, in addition to earning them academic credit in math, science and English.  Architect Saul Hansen volunteered with the class, helped brainstorm the Collaborative with Anselm, and together they brought on additional team members with specialties in the construction trades, and with video and photography.

Group Teaching Schools How to Build Tiny Houses

Tiny House Collaborative Kickstarter

Their prior work. Photo by the Tiny House Collaborative

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So you’re building a tiny house on a trailer. Great!

Or you might be seriously considering it.. Either way, you’re at the right place.

By now you have probably already got your trailer and materials and you’re far beyond the planning stage.

Before you get started it’s important that you’ve selected the best construction site possible so that you can level your trailer and get ready for construction.

What You’ll Need to Level your Trailer

How to level your tiny house trailer before construction

Image: Tiny House Giant Journey / YouTube

So here’s what you’ll need and/or want to complete this project as smoothly as possible:

So let’s get started below!

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