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Yesterday was the first time I had ever seen a trullo house and I had to share it! These have been around since the 14th century, so there’s a good chance you are already familiar with trulli (the pural), but their design and construction is so fascinating and relatively tiny.

Popular in the Italian countryside, these buildings have no mortar! They are simply made by brilliantly stacking limestone and topping it with a special capstone. There are a number of myths surrounding why Italians chose this design, but ultimately it looks like it a was a decent way to use the local materials to create a strong structure.

While they keep wonderfully cool in hot weather, they are notoriously challenging to heat, and don’t have many windows. Still, there are many you can vacation in if you ever make it to Italy. Check this one out here.

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Beautiful Stone Cottage in Italy

Trullo Home in Itally with amazing stone cone! 19

Images via Nadia/Airbnb

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