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Long before Jay Shafer built his first iconic tiny house in 1997, there were the famous housetrucks of the 1970s. These were popular in the United States, but also in New Zealand! When James came across one, he had to have it — even if it no longer ran.

Because the truck is stationary, he and his partner Lucy have created a lovely outdoor area to extend their living space. It includes a shower attached to the truck, a separate glass “bathhouse” with a large bathtub that waters plants, and a patio area around a wood stove where they can entertain. Enjoy a tour of this unique piece of history below!

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Vintage New Zealand Housetruck Given New Life

Original Tiny House on Wheels & Glass Bathhouse

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Kai’s dream of living in a cabin in the woods manifested itself in her building an incredible house truck inspired by the funky wooden marvels of the 60s and 70s. Her home is bursting with character, covered with cedar shingles, and took Kai five years to make it livable, and another five to get it to its current state.

The house has a big round window, a Dutch door, and a cozy loft bedroom with a porthole. Enjoy our interview with Kai below and check out her incredible home. You can follow along with her journey in “The Ugly Truckling” on Instagram!

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Five Years in her DIY Truck Tiny Home

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Trevor and Rae wanted to travel full-time for a year, so they saved up to buy an awesome military truck at auction. They didn’t start right away, but when Trevor decided to get sober he put all his time and energy into building out their first truck home for just $37,000.

They lived in the rig for three years, with a 6-month stint at home due to a family illness, and have been working to finish their new home built on the back of a retired snow plow truck. This second home they’ve been taking their time with, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like! The couple did a great Q&A with us, which you can enjoy reading below the pictures.

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He Got Sober Building This Military Overlander Tiny House For $37,000

He Got Sober Building This Military Overlander Tiny House For $37,000 6

Images via KSmithson Photography

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More and more people are ditching the 9 to 5 so they can explore the country and travel. While we’ve seen tons of van conversions, what about setting up your truck bed for travel?

Marsha showed us you can DIY it here, but TopperEZLift has another option: A lift kit with insulated siding that allows you to get extra height and transform your truck bed into a compact home.

They have a few versions and packages — some are just simple truck bed tents, while others include the full lift kit and even a cot-style bed. You can see everything they sell here, but scroll below to see the lift kit in action! The automated lift only takes 30 seconds to go from road-ready to homey.

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Live in Your Truck with This Awesome Camping Kit

TopperEZLift: Turn Your Truck into a Tiny House! 3

Images via TopperEZLift

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Meet Jude! This wonderful woman is living in her truck home and using her golden years to travel the gorgeous country of New Zealand (we’re all jealous!). She has a YouTube channel where she shares all the cool places she goes and what it’s like to live tiny.

Her home features a giant picture window where she can sit and read, but that transforms into a single guest bed with a pulley bed! She also has a double bed which she sleeps on that pulls out from the couch. She takes a couple of steps up to her kitchen area complete with an awesome pull-out pantry, and her 3/4 bathroom is at the back of the home.

Enjoy her video tour at the end of the post!

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Jude’s Amazing New Zealand Truck Home Life

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Rhett traveled the US on his motorcycle for a couple of years before meeting Ashley. He lived with just three backpacks of stuff he could fit on his ride! With Ashley came two adorable dogs, so they upgraded to this amazing box truck which they transformed into a home on a budget.

Ashley calls Rhett a “tinkerer,” saying he loves to see what he can do with the fewest materials possible. You see that clearly in their minimalist build, which includes a stand-up desk on a pulley system and a bed that folds down with some Rhett engineering. The whole home uses recycled materials to make a perfect space for the couple and their dogs.

Be sure to check out the video tour with Tiny Home Tours below, and follow them on Instagram here.

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Their 1997 Ford e450 Super Duty Box Truck Turned Tiny Home

Budget Stealth Box Truck Living: Recycled Materials

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is Helga, an absolutely amazing horsebox renovation done for a client by House Box in South-West England.

Helga is an off-grid tiny home with some absolutely stunning woodwork and handcrafted features. If you don’t like natural, rustic wood-edges, you won’t like her, but I was amazed at how cozy the inside of this house truck feels. It has a fully functional kitchen, great lounging space, and a loft bedroom with plenty of headroom.

Indie Projects did a complete video tour of the house which you can enjoy below (Subscribe to their YouTube channel here)! Get the contact information for House Box after the pictures.

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Helga: An Amazing Horsebox Renovation

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