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Marsha is a long-time Tiny House Talk reader as well as a tiny-home-dweller. She just sold her amazing THOW in Arizona because she’s moving back home to North Carolina to be closer to family. While she’s planning on building a new tiny house in NC, she needed something to live in during her road trip/move.

So what did she do? Built a tiny house in her truck bed! Here’s what she told us:

Because of a gasket leak that was fixed with a liquid sealer, I had to keep this camper very light to try to make it home to NC from AZ, so 4 simple arches, 1/2″ plywood, white heavy duty tarp, and cardboard boxes for storage. Left over memory foam became a “rug” down the center to save my knees. It has an electrical port and 2 screened windows and redwood floor. Living out of it for 2 weeks now at my friend’s house, just two more weeks to go until school is out, and I can head home to my son’s farm where I can build another tiny home. Enjoy!

She even decorated the exterior, which I just love!

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She Built A Temporary Truck Bed Tiny House

Marsha’s Temporary Truck Bed Tiny Home!

Images via Marsha

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