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Have you ever heard of a Velomobile? If you’re like most Americans, you have never seen one before.

The cool people over at Faircompanies went and visited Stephen Mosca who uses one for his daily commute.

What is it and why?

It’s a tricycle that’s encapsulated in a lightweight aerodynamic shell.

It protects you from the sun, rain and cold all while you pedal.

From the outside it looks like some sort of miniature car.

Daily Commuter? Yes!

Mosca pedals 15 miles to work in a business suit with his belongings and a coffee.

He’s able to travel up to 28 miles per hour and he says it’s easier to maintain those speeds because of the shape that cuts through wind.

Velomobile - Car Meets Bicycle - All Pedal - Zero Gas

Video length: 10:07

Combine it with Electric Power

Yes, you can add electric power to one to make it even more amazing.

I can imagine a world where more of these are used, that would certainly be awesome.

So how much does one cost?

Great question. They start at $8,500. For more information on how you can get your hands on one, talk to Stephen Mosca at Undercover Cycling.

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Photo Credit: Undercover Cycling