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This enchanting treehouse sits suspended between two cypress trees overlooking an emerald river. As the name “Chapelle” would suggest, this vacation spot is inspired by a church or chapel, with twin cathedral-style windows and oodles of (electric) candles as decor.

The inside feels ethereal and romantic, with burgundy accents and ornate finishes. The main room has high ceilings, seating overlooking the river, and a lovely table. There’s a large bathroom complete with both a walk-in shower and a clawfoot tub, as well as a bedroom fit for a royal couple.

If the weather cooperates, visitors can enjoy coffee on one of the twin decks. You can learn more about the builder here, or book a stay in the treehouse here.

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This Ornate Treehouse Overlooks an Emerald River, Built on Twin Cypress Trees

Chapelle Treehouse at Treehouse Utopia Texas 2

Images via Treehouse Utopia

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