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Michael is an amazing man who has spent the last 30 years building an incredible treehouse resort on his acerage in Oregon. He started with a cabin and horseback-riding, but no one was interested. When he rebuilt the treehouse he had made for his children, however, people started to take interest!

And since then he has added treehouse after treehouse, a number of bathhouses for the homes without plumbing, and an extensive system of suspension bridges. There are even several ziplining courses! Enjoy a tour of the resort below.

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Acerage in Oregon with 13 Treehouses!

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If you’re looking for an amazing tiny house vacation it would be hard to beat it with these amazing tiny treehouse cabins in Germany.

They’re located in Lower Saxony, Germany at a place called Resort Baumgeflüster which translates to rustling trees.

The owners of the property decided they would turn their farm into a tourist resort to enjoy staying in these beautiful treehouses designed by baumraum architects while enjoying the amazing scenery on the property. I think that was a good idea, right? Please enjoy and re-share below. Thanks!

Amazing Tiny Treehouse Cabins in Germany

Amazing Tiny Treehouse Cabins in Germany

Images © Alasdair Jardine, Philipp Herrnberger and Toma Babovic

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