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High up in a majestic 110 ft. eucalyptus tree is this multi-level treehouse.

It’s located on the same property as this whimsical treehouse cabin.

The large deck allows you to see the classic California countryside views up from the trees.

Inside the treehouse you’ll find an open living area with a couch that doubles as a twin size bed. There is even a half bathroom in the treehouse too! And up a ladder you can access the cozy sleeping loft that houses a cozy queen size bed. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Multi-Level Treehouse in 110 ft. Eucalyptus Tree

Multi-Level Treehouse in 110 ft. Eucalyptus Tree-001

Images © Airbnb

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If you are looking to take a creative tiny house vacation in the San Francisco Bay area I think you’re going to love this tiny treehouse cottage.

When you drive up to the property and park your car you’ll see there is a small cottage on the ground level and that’s where the kitchen and bathroom are located.

Take a short walk up and go up the stairs surrounded by lush greens and wild flowers to the charming tiny treehouse that’s 30 ft up in a 150 year old oak tree.

The owners originally built the treehouse 18 years ago for their children. Now they rent it out to guests using Airbnb.

From the deck you can enjoy the San Francisco Bay sunsets from the tree tops.

Tiny Treehouse Overlooking San Francisco Bay


Images © Airbnb

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