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This is the stunning “Origin” — a tiny treehouse built as a “dress” surrounding a 100-year-old oak tree in France. The treehouse hotel room wraps around the oak and comes complete with a bedroom and a luxurious bathroom. There’s even a rope bridge to an adjacent spa area with a soaking tub.

The architect said he was inspired by a bird’s nest, using small pieces of lumber to create that signature nest-like shape, just like a mama bird! It’s fresh and modern, and provides plenty of space around the tree for it to continue to grow for another 100 years!

A ladder in the middle takes you to a rooftop terrace where you get panoramic views of the forest. Book your stay here.

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Hotel Treehouse in the French Forest

ORIGIN: Treehouse “Dress” For a 100-Year-Old Oak 5

Images via Atelier Lavit

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