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Michael is an amazing man who has spent the last 30 years building an incredible treehouse resort on his acerage in Oregon. He started with a cabin and horseback-riding, but no one was interested. When he rebuilt the treehouse he had made for his children, however, people started to take interest!

And since then he has added treehouse after treehouse, a number of bathhouses for the homes without plumbing, and an extensive system of suspension bridges. There are even several ziplining courses! Enjoy a tour of the resort below.

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Acerage in Oregon with 13 Treehouses!

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Skip and Dan found the perfect property on Vashon Island (which is only accessible via ferry!) to put the treehouse they’d been dreaming of. It looks out over the ocean and is tucked in a canopy of beautiful trees.

Because of its remote location, there’s an outhouse and outdoor shower and just enough electricity for a mini-fridge and charging small electronics, making it the perfect place to truly get away from it all.

Up a ladder is a luxurious queen bed that just might make you feel like a kid again. The huge garage door opens up on the first level to the wrap-around deck where you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee, or evening glass of wine. Enjoy the tour with Tiny House Giant Journey below, and book your stay over at Airbnb!

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Private Treehouse on an Island: Perfect Romantic Getaway

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We showed you the Chapelle and Bibliotheque at Treehouse Utopia in Texas, but here’s the Carousel! Like the others, it was designed and built by the treehouse geniuses at Nelson Treehouse and features the same fantastic craftsmanship.

They intentionally created two levels, to make it feel like the natural rise and fall of a carousel. Inside you’ll find a perfect adults-only getaway, with sleeping for two in a bed with a headboard created from a French carousel piece! There’s also a vintage carousel horse that’s been turned into a light fixture.

The two decks give you stunning treetop views where you can enjoy a drink or a meal. Book your stay at the Carousel here.

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Spend the Night in a Carousel-Inspired Treehouse!


Images via Treehouse Utopia

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