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This beautiful wooden cottage on stilts stands tall next to a gorgeous forest in La Rioja, Spain, giving you a grand treehouse experience. It’s a private spot that includes all the comforts of a regular bathroom, Wi-Fi, and a cozy electric fireplace, but still lets you feel at one with nature through the large windows that make up two sides of the cabin.

While the home is set up studio-style, the bedroom is separated visually from the rest of the space with a couple of steps. The elevated platform includes a queen bed and a private bathroom. On the lower level, you’ll find a table for four, twin bunk beds, and a microwave/mini-fridge. You can sip coffee or wine out on the covered front balcony.

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Little Lifted Cabin in the Spanish Forest

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Max and Tatiana had the dream to build a tree house on their property on Whidbey Island off the coast of Washington, and decided to get permits and permission for everything to save future headaches.

Two flights of stairs take you up to the deck off the front door. There’s a living/kitchen/half bath on the first floor, and up a ladder is the loft bedroom with full standing height. The couple built the home around the trees, making sure not to cut anything down in the process.

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Couple’s Totally Legal Tree House DIY Build

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For 9-year-old Eli, his “dream treehouse” began as a piece of plywood where he could shoot Nerf guns from. Now, it’s an Airbnb where he and his mom raise money for charity.

When Eli told his mom he wanted a treehouse, she used it as a learning opportunity: She invested $200 into his business of selling glitter bombs and other fun trinkets at a local store. For three years he worked at his business and asked for no presents for Christmas or birthdays — he wanted 2x4s or money to go toward his treehouse! He paid back his mom and invested $6,000 into his Airbnb.

Now Eli’s dream is a reality, and he actually manages the Airbnb, helping with clean-up, greeting guests, and making sure the place is ready for the next vacationers. Check out his masterpiece below!

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9-Year-Old’s 17×17 Tree House w/ Kitchen & Bath

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While off-grid vacations are fun, it’s nice to stay in a treehouse with all the amenities, including a tiled indoor shower and — yes — a flush toilet!

This craftsman-built treehouse has funky a-symmetrical wall and a wonky window to add a bit of character. But there’s a leather couch, comfortable queen bed in the loft, and even a pulley for lifting your luggage. The live-edge counter tops and woodland accents make this stay both cozy and luxurious. Learn more below!

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Quaint & Quirky Treehouse on 5 Acres in GA

Bed+Bough Whimsical Treehouse 26

Images via Airbnb/Debra

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