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This is Shannon. She’s a police officer who retired early and decided to move into a tiny house on wheels so she could travel the country!

She went with a 24ft Kootenay tiny house on wheels by Tru Form Tiny, and it’s perfect for her.

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Shannon’s 24ft Tiny Home She’s Living and Traveling in After Retiring as a Cop!

She Moved into a Tiny House to Travel After Retiring Early as a Cop!

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

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Derrick & Paula moved into a Dodge Pleasure Way camper van just 2 weeks before their wedding, and then road tripped across Canada in their van for 2 months.

What started off as a honeymoon slowly turned into a semi-permanent living situation for the couple when they continued living in their van, even after they both went back to work full-time.

To-date, they’ve lived in the van for 19 months – including 2 Winters – which is impressive when you consider that they live in Ontario, Canada, where temperatures fall well below freezing for months at a time.

Couple Survives Two Winters Living in a Small Van

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