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Ok I know it doesn’t look like much right now, but this vintage 1957 Spartan Imperial Mansion has so much potential! And at only $20,000, you have a decent amount of wiggle room to make it really shine once again.

The trailer is 43ft x 10ft., making it especially spacious, and it features the original wood paneling. Right now it has a composting toilet, but you can always put the original RV toilet back in.

There’s plenty of room and it’s all one floor, meaning no loft-climbing once the rehab is done! It’s for sale on Tiny House Marketplace in Bellingham, Washington.

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43 Ft Spartan Imperial Mansion for Sale in WA

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This is The Watermill, a renovated travel trailer created by Tiny Hamptons LLC. I really love this conversion because it looks like the company completely transformed the camper my family used to take vacations in!

The Watermill is 288 sq ft. Newly renovated travel trailer down to studs. Brand new walls, ceiling, floor, crown moulding. Custom kitchen, deep cabinets, quartz countertops, slate tile backsplash, dishwasher. 36 inch vanity, glass tile in shower/tub. Custom paint on exterior and many other beautiful artistic touches as well! For sale: $34,000.

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The Watermill: Renovated Travel Trailer (Sold)

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