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I was looking at the Ford Transit Connect earlier because I’ve been seeing them around town lately and thought, man these would be perfect coupled up with a teardrop trailer!

So I went on a search to see if anyone out there has posted their Transit + Teardrop Trailer pictures. I didn’t get an exact match but it led me to some other cool (and unique) finds.

Did you know the Transit Connect packs the same cargo room as a pick up truck? You can really fit quite a lot in there and when you add a teardrop you can see how this can be a really fun way to adventure.

But anyway, let me show you what I did find…

A super tiny teardrop trailer with one of the world’s smallest cars along with a tiny house in the background.

Teardrop Trailer and a Tiny House

Photo: http://www.yotatech.com/f172/teardrop-trailers-182850/ Original source unknown

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