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Caley was tired of living with roommates and spending so much money on rent in Boulder, Colorado, so he decided to convert a utility trailer into the ultimate stealth home on wheels! While the outside looks like a metal box, the interior has magical Hobbit-hole vibes with hand-carved and hand-sculpted wooden elements.

Since he lives in the trailer full-time in the Boulder area, he needed to include a kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom — as well as a spot to work when he’s not at his local printing business office. You’re going to me amazed! Enjoy!

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Hand-Carved Interior of Utility Trailer Home

Utility Trailer Hides a Secret Treehouse 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Today, Samantha and Herb are showing off their 1973 Viscount Caravan conversion — a simple lockdown project that completely changed their lives! Samantha was an interior designer by trade and Herb was a retail manager. Together they renovated 13 homes, but the caravan transformation was the catalyst to get them into tiny living.

Samantha admits she wasn’t a fan after the first few nights she spent sleeping in Hunter, but with time, that changed. Before they knew it, the couple retired early so that they could travel to Australia in the caravan. Since then, they’ve renovated and sold two more caravans and are now in their DIY bus home! But let’s start by checking out their maiden project — a sleek vintage trailer renovation.

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Black & White Vintage Trailer Renovation

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It’s always a joy to meet people like Linda, a true gem who worked hard to make her tiny home dreams come true! Today, she is going to walk us through her story about how she converted a run-down trailer and made it home. I’ll let her take the wheel…

For the price of a used car I found my first home a rundown trailer with no functioning parts, Uninhabitable at that and for the last 2.5 years, I have been cutting, digging, cleaning, designing, planting, buying and selling furniture from Day 1 to now. I have finally found what is the perfect dream home in a 450 Sq Ft Tiny Trailer. Who needs Barbie’s beach house? I would rather live Tiny in my PNK*DMD….

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Her ‘Hyline Hilton’ Park Model Tiny Home

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Back in 2017, Hannah’s dad told her about the railroad trailers she could get at auction. She was only willing to bid $350 on one, and lo and behold she won the bidding! She then worked hard to renovate the trailer and make it into an artsy, cozy home on wheels.

The house was built out on a budget — she kept the entire thing under $6,000! But she didn’t sacrifice style or functionality. There’s a trundle bed that tucks under her living room floor, a galley kitchen for making all her meals, and her bathroom has a spacious shower that makes her feel at home. She’s onto a new adventure now, however, so the railroad trailer is now for sale on Marketplace.

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She bid $350 on this railroad trailer, won the bid, and turned it into a $6k tiny home!

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This is a 1956 travel trailer to cabin conversion that’s for sale in Grapeview, WA (update: sold).

Outside you’ll find the trailer has a nice deck with a traditional roof added onto to it. An outbuilding is also included on the .31 acre property which you can use as a workshop, for storage, and it can also house your washer and dryer.

When you go inside the travel trailer cabin you’ll find a living area, dinette, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

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352 Sq. Ft. Travel Trailer to Cabin Conversion For Sale

352 Sq. Ft. Travel Trailer to Cabin Conversion For Sale

Images © Windermere/Himlie/Zillow

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I’d like to introduce you to Heather and Dana of HD Adventuring. They converted a travel trailer into a tiny home. Here is their story.

HD Adventuring is the story of two New Englanders who made the trek out to the Golden Coast. We met in college, and a few months after graduation, we decided California was calling our names.

To get here, we packed all of our things into a single station wagon and got rid of the rest. We spent a month road tripping all over the country.

After that month of living with only a couple of bags full of stuff, we realized that all we needed fit into that small car.

We decided that we wanted to live tiny, so we purchased a camper, and are converting it into a tiny house.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Adventurous Couple Convert Travel Trailer into Tiny Home

Adventurous Couple Convert Travel Trailer into Tiny Home

Images © HD Adventuring

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