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Laneway houses—small houses built in backyards—are taking the Vancouver, Canada area by storm. A response to the ever-increasing population of the area, the laneway house is a great way to cope with the population density while still allowing citizens the feelings of permanence that come with living in single-family houses.

This particular laneway house is designed by Smallworks Studios and is 670 square feet. This home looks just like a miniature version of just about any traditional house you might see anywhere else. It even includes simple landscaping–in the form of small hedges—that makes this space feel even more like home.

With this house, you certainly would not lack in modern creature comforts. You would be surprised what can fit into 670 square feet of space. In this case, two bedrooms and two bathrooms easily fit into this 1.5-story home. This house also includes a kitchen/dining area, a living room, and a study.

The kitchen is particularly impressive as it easily houses all your necessary appliances—from a fridge and freezer, to a microwave, a sink, and a dishwasher. There is also still room for several cabinets and a pantry.

In terms of décor, this home is neutral with a few carefully placed splashes of color in areas like the bathrooms and the kitchen. It is perfect for those who prefer a subtler, more traditional style for their homes, and it makes a great addition to the small house movement.

670 Sq. Ft. Cottage

Laneway House, Small House Movement

Images © Smallworks

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Reader Submitted Tiny Log Cabin Guest Post

This is our 136 sq. ft. log cabin. It’s located in the forest of WA.

Inside there’s a simple bathroom with a shower. As soon as you walk in it’s straight ahead to the left.

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136-square-foot Tiny Log Cabin With Fireplace

136 Sq Ft Tiny Log Cabin Exterior View

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