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It’s always an exciting day when we have a new Baluchon build to show you. This lovely tiny house was built for Claire, a client who is starting a new chapter of her life and calls her home, “The Smell of Rain” in French — that idea of fresh waters falling on formerly parched ground. Beautiful, really!

Claire wanted a very traditional tiny house, with a gable roof and standard living-kitchen-bathroom layout underneath a sleeping loft. But like always, Baluchon elevates the ordinary with beautiful craftsmanship and a pop of color — the barn red roofing and interior cabinets contrast beautifully with the light natural wood tones. What’s your favorite part of this build?

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Barn-Red Cabinets, Roofing & Trim In This Home Sweet Tiny Home

The Smell of Rain THOW 19

Images via Baluchon

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