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Yanick and Sonja had spent years too poor to travel and then in school and with jobs that tied them down. When Yanick finally finished school, they were free to go on an adventure, but not willing to backpack in their 30s. So van life (or, SUV-life) was a great option for them.

They refer to their self-converted Toyota Land Cruiser as their “two-story apartment” because of the pop top that allows them to sleep on the upper level at night. They also have couch-to-bed option on the first level when they need to stealth camp. Their giant batwing awning allows them to be outside in any kind of weather. What do you think?

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Couple’s Pop-Up SUV w/ Batwing Awning

Toyota Land Cruiser Two Story Apartment PanAmerican Journey 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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