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Something that you might not have thought about when designing your tiny house is the dangers of using toxic materials in such tiny spaces such as a tiny home on wheels.

In a quick exchange of e-mails with Brad Kittel, of Pure Salvage Living and Tiny Texas Houses, I was able to take some of his knowledge on this and share it with you here because it’s important for your health. You’re also invited to take part in the discussion and share what you know in the comments below so we can all learn even more about this issue together.

Brad says, “there is 15 times less air to wall ration in a tiny house and very few have the proper air exchange rates to offset the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that we generate as humans, let alone the other chemicals in the closed-in tiny space.”

So how do you make your tiny house safe? How do you free it from these sneaky toxins that are conveniently sold everywhere? And yes, all of this is even more important in a tiny house because the volume of space is a lot smaller!

12 Toxin-free Tiny House Design/Build Tips

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