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Right now Jeremy Jackson is traveling the U.S. towing his recently-built Tumbleweed tiny house. He built the majority of it himself. He did it in about one year.

Interview with Jeremy, the man traveling with his tiny house

In this interview with Jeremy you’ll be able to follow his story. You’ll get to learn about his struggles and what led him to where he is today. I hope you enjoy.

THT: What made you decide to start building a tiny house?

J: I woke up one day feeling frustrated with the world and my own life. My business was dying and I have been suffering from an industrial injury. Everything was crashing down on me.

I started to ponder about what would happen when my mother and siblings would pass because I am the youngest. At the time I was living with my mother. Well that evening I checked my email and stumbled onto the Yahoo! article which featured the tiny house movement and Jay Shafer.

I was instantly hooked from that moment on and I saw a spark of hope. I spent the next few months learning everything that I could on how to build a tiny house until I came up with a plan to build one myself because it made good sense to me.

I decided that if I were going to commit to building my own tiny house, I needed to get to it without allowing myself to over analyze the possible pitfalls. So I jumped in head over heals and started buying materials whenever and wherever I could get them.

So I sold all of my valuables, including the DJ and Karaoke business, and just started even though I am disabled and on a fixed income because I felt that if I were to survive, I had to take a risk.

THT: So how long did it take you to complete the tiny house?

J: It has taken me the best part of a year to complete it (mostly by myself) but finally, it’s done.

Interview with Jeremy Jackson: He's Traveling with his Tiny House
Photos Courtesy of Jeremy Jackson

THT: Do you have any dreams you hope to fulfill thanks to this project?

I encourage you to enjoy the complete interview (and photo tour) below:
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