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While some tiny homes are small or light enough to transport on your own with the right vehicle, others like Park Models, or oversized homes, are best left to professional moving companies. Or maybe you just don’t want the risk of DIY-ing such an important thing — no shame hiring professionals. It’s your home after all!

We put together a list of some insured tiny house moving companies that transport homes across the U.S. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there are probably regional towing services out there you could contact. That said, this will give you a good starting point while gathering quotes. Make sure you understand exactly what the towing company promises, and especially what they insure in case of an accident.

*DISCLAIMER* We have not personally had tiny homes towed with any of these companies and have not confirmed their license and insurance policies. Please do your own additional research before booking.

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List of United States Tiny House Towing Companies!

Tiny house towing

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