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This is a Tiny House with a Guest Room built by Free Range Homes.

Here you can watch the video walk-through from Go Downsize of this great model that features French doors, beautiful wall built-ins (or “ons”?), a spacious kitchen, and the coolest tables I’ve seen to date in a tiny home! The couch is a great size and the bathroom has a lovely tub and shower with those pebble tiles I love so much.

Enjoy the tour! If you want a home like this, get in touch with Free Range Homes on Facebook.

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Free Range Tiny House with Guest Room

Free Range Tiny House with Guest Room

Screenshots via YouTube/Go Downsize

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It’s always fun to see staged and picture-ready tiny homes with magazine-worthy professional photography, but sometimes you want a reality check. What do these houses look like lived-in by real people?

I want to introduce you to Ariel, the owner of her tiny home named Fy Nyth. She has an awesome YouTube channel with tons of videos about tiny living, including clothing storage, living in a cold climate, and her off-grid power system. Seriously, check it out!

But today I bring you her updated tiny house tour. Yes, it’s 16 minutes long, but she shows you all her homes nooks and crannies and it’s super informative if you’re interested in going tiny.

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Lived-In Tiny House Tour: Fy Nyth

Screenshots via YouTube/Fy Nyth

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Ever want to tour a tiny house in person so you can feel what it’s like to live in a tiny home?

Now is your chance to do it for free if you’re in the Boulder, Colorado area because Tiny Happy Homes is having an open house in Sedalia, Colorado.

They’re showing off their ‘Big Mack’ Model this Sunday June 29th, 2014 at 2:00 pm (mdt). See below for the address.

Tour a Tiny House in Sedalia, CO


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