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Yurts bring all the joy of tiny living, and make it round! This vacation yurt in Australia checks all the boxes for a fun holiday, with a stargazing dome, comfortable queen bed, and lovely windows with bush views.

The yurt itself has a large deck complete with a kitchenette and outdoor shower, and there’s a composting toilet in the nearby outhouse. Also on the private property is a shared yoga studio with a sauna and a pool. Luxurious!

You can book your stay in this tiny spot over at Airbnb.

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Wooden Yurt Tucked in the Australian Bush

Funky Yurt on Acreage in Australia 2

Images via Airbnb/Penny

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This itty bitty yurt is just one room with space for a twin-sized sleeping pad, couple of chairs and a wood-burning stove. Not much to look at, which reminded me a lot of Thoreau’s little cabin in the woods.

This yurt is in Flagstaff, Arizona on a campground: There’s a Main Lodge nearby with toilet and shower facilities, and you’ll have a exterior picnic table and grill to make food. Thinking camping, but they provide the tent (yurt) — with a bonus wood-burning stove!

Book your stay in this baby yurt over at Glamping Hub.

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Tiniest Yurt Tent in Flagstaff, Arizona

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