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This is a gorgeous teardrop trailer by Chesapeake Light Craft.

From the outside, you’ll notice a highly polished wooden tiny camper with a sturdy roof rack that can carry two kayaks. According to their website, you can buy the kit and build it yourself, even if you have little or no experience. When you go inside, you’ll find space for someone up to 6 ft. 8 in. tall to sit up and lay down to sleep. In the rear, there’s a hatch that opens to reveal a small stove and plenty of storage space for your gear. All in all, it’s designed to be better than tent camping and can conveniently be pulled by almost any vehicle.

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Gorgeous Teardrop Trailer by Chesapeake Light Craft

Gorgeous Teardrop Trailer by Chesapeake Light Craft 001

Images © CLCBoats

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This is the Slipstream micro camper that’s designed for compact cars and motorcycles to easily tow for traveling.

It’s great if you’re a minimalist traveler because this unit ways only 200 lbs, it quick to set up, and it has about 38 cubic feet of extra cargo space too.

If something like a teardrop camper is too big for you but you still want the benefits of being able to tow a trailer for a quicker set up time and so you also have the ability to carry more cargo this might be a great option. It starts at $2,895. What do you think?

Slipstream Micro Camper for Cars and Motorcycles

youtu.be-dzGWnicCigs (2)

Images © OpenRoadOutfitters

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