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Hello Alex and Tiny House Talk readers, I’ve followed your page for some time, and it was where I saw my first tiny house, Dee Williams house! (who we later got to meet in Seattle).

That was in November 2013, about a week after my partner and I had gotten rid of our apartment, things, and jobs and left to live on the road out of our 6ft x 9ft 1987 teardrop trailer. We’ve now been living out of it happily and successfully for several months and couldn’t be happier.

We left Ontario, Canda November 1st and drove through the US, up the West coast and through British Columbia and we are now heading back to Ontario and will begin building our very own Tiny House! Within a month we will start our build!

Tiny Living (And Traveling) in a 54 Sq. Ft. Travel Trailer


Image © Hobohemians

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