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This is the Oregon Trail Tiny House.

It’s built by Tiny Smart House out of Albany, Oregon.

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The Oregon Trail Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Smart House

Oregon Trail by Tiny Smart House_001

Photos via Tiny Smart House

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This is the Mount Hood Lodge Tiny House.

It’s built by Tiny Smart House out of Albany, Oregon.

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Mt. Hood Lodge Tiny House by Tiny Smart House

Mt Hood Lodge Tiny House by Tiny Smart House_004

Photos via Tiny Smart House

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Tiny SMART House needs your help to donate one of their 24′ Willamette Farmhouse models to a homeless veteran.

If you’d like to help them reach their $59,000 goal, click here to donate.

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Tiny SMART House to Donate Tiny House to Homeless Veteran


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This is the “Tiny SMART House” that was featured on Tiny House Hunters on HGTV.

What makes it “SMART”? Sustainable construction, modern efficiency, affordable luxury, residential or commercial, and tow-able anywhere. Designed with a “Steam Punk” vibe, the outside looks clean and classic with vertical and horizontal cream siding and grey trim. It’s tall and angular, providing plenty of space in a compact shell.

Inside you’ll notice floor to ceiling redwood siding with copper exposed plumbing, as well as an antique chandelier. An oven, stove-top and deep stainless steel kitchen sink provide the luxury of a regular kitchen and the corner seating area includes under-bench storage. There’s a breakfast nook, storage loft, and a completely closed off loft for sleeping. The bathroom has a remarkably unique corrugated metal shower, complete with more of the exposed copper plumbing.

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The Steam Punk Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Smart House

The Steam Punk Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Smart House 001

Images © Tiny Smart House via YouTube

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