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The Summit Cabin sits on a half-acre flat 3300 feet above sea level, with absolutely stunning views! The North Carolina vacation spot is completely off-grid, but still offers the luxuries that you most need.

The lower level of the cabin has a futon, cooking area with a stovetop, and a cooler for food. There’s also an outdoor BBQ for the best grilled meals. Take the outdoor staircase up to the bedroom upstairs, where there’s a queen-sized bed and a wrap-around deck with valley views.

There’s also a bathroom with hot water and a composting toilet available downstairs. You can enjoy evenings by the firepit outdoors. Book your stay over at HipCamp.

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Stunning Views from 3300 Foot Elevation: Summit Cabin


Images via HipCamp/Hans

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Even though Adam and Karen don’t include themselves to be part of the tiny house “movement”, their 280 square foot cabin certainly qualifies it be featured here.

Their goal in building the home was finding the right balance between function, character and cost. Karen and Adam found the property on the way back from a friend’s wedding.

After hiking up the driveway (their car couldn’t make it), and discovering the breathtaking scenery and waterfalls, they made an offer on it 5 days later.

Adam and Karen’s Tiny Off-Grid House

Adam and Karen 2

Images © equinunkcabin.blogspot.com

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