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Instead of letting a messy break-up break her down, or living in her rarely-used apartment, Chrissie chose to go tiny!

She started off as a van-lifer, but the vehicle wasn’t mechanically sound, so she later opted for an awesome box truck that she has been turning into “home” for the past 3 years. It’s allowing her to save up for a family home sometime down the road.

While the pandemic has put her and her boyfriend’s Great Australian Road Trip on hold, the couple dream of spending some time away from their Brisbane day jobs soon enough and quenching their wanderlust in Chrissie’s DIY Tuck Home. We got the awesome chance to interview Chrissie (@brisbanegirlinavan on Instagram) about her truck life, so be sure to check out our Q&A with her at the end of the post!

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From Van-Life to Box-Truck-Living in Brisbane, Australia

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