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This is the Tiny Kat, an Escape Vista model that belongs to a woman named — you guessed it — Kat!

She writes on her website:

On March 3, 2017 we picked up our Escape Vista in beautiful Rice Lake Wisconsin. We had no idea what we were going to do with this tiny house, named Tiny Kat, but I had to have it. Yes, we looked at RVs, Air Stream and thought about vacation homes… The Escape Vista won my heart from the first step in the door. There was no question in my mind I had to have it. I’ve never had a travel trailer. Ty and I just learned how to back the darn thing up without WW3 happening! I hope the site provides insight into owners of the Escape Vista, our victories and our “opportunities.”

She had a free open house event in May and will have more in the future. For now, enjoy taking a picture tour below!

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Tiny Kat: Escape Vista Tiny House on Wheels

Images via Escape Vista

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