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Tiny house dorms would be a great idea in a college or university setting where there is an architecture and woodworking program.

Architecture Programs Building Tiny Houses To Use As Dorms

The architecture students can design while the woodworking class builds tiny houses for use as student housing in a particular area of campus.

Some of the students who help design and build the houses can also have the opportunity to live in them.

Tiny House Dorms

Building Value For The School, And Experience For Students…

The cost of construction materials goes to good use by providing affordable living for its students and income for the university. Not to mention great experience with design and construction for the students involved in the project.

Leave The Regular Dorms Alone, Just Start Building And Adding Tiny Homes!

I’m not saying schools should replace regular dorms with tiny houses. What I am saying, is it would be neat to see some universities design, build, and offer just a few tiny houses as dorms for their students to see how it goes. This would create a community of tiny houses within the campus.

What do you think about tiny homes being designed, built, and used as dorms at college campuses? How cool would that be?

Examples of Tiny House Dorms…

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