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Live close enough to Georgia to make to the drive? There are still spots available at the Off-Grid Workshop at Beloved Cabin, which begins today at 4 pm and runs through Sunday. I know it’s last-minute, but this is such a fantastic opportunity to learn from a couple who have lived off-grid for most of a decade!

John and Fin Kernohan have been living for 8.5+ years in their 304sqft, DIY, off-grid cabin and have created their 16-acre oasis in the Georgia woods known as Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay. This workshop will teach you all about building a 400 watt solar system, BioGas, rainwater collection, composting toilets, and off-grid heating solutions.

You’ll get to camp under the stars (with bathrooms nearby), and enjoy meals and a bonfire with participants. COVID-19 social distancing measures will be in place to keep everyone safe. Get more information and buy tickets here.

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Off-Grid Workshop: September 19-20, 2020


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