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ESCAPE is a tiny house builder that is currently offering to pay you to put tiny homes on your land as a business partnership.

We are distributing free ESCAPE rental units to selected Partners across America within 100 miles of the Top 50 metro areas in the US + other high traffic destinations. We already have units in selected markets. These new rental units can be located in urban or rural areas. Seasonal locations will be considered if guest traffic is high enough. Airbnb, or the equivalent, will be used for rentals to generate monthly income.

What do you think of this proposition? Is this something you would consider doing if you had or have your own land that qualifies for this program?

Tiny House Builder Offers to Pay You To Host Tiny House Vacations on Your Land

ESCAPE Tiny House Rental Program Get Paid to Host a Tiny Home on Wheels 001

Images via ESCAPE

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